Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has many techno legal startups under its belt and TLCEODRI is one of them. TLCEODRI can be primarily categorised as a Legal Tech and Tech Law startup and that is why it is supported by our DPIIT recognised startup named TeleLaw that is another unique Legal Tech and Tech Law startup.

TLCEODRI is a registered trademark of P4LO and it has been widely quoted by national and international researchers, experts and stakeholders for its landmark research and work in the field of online dispute resolution (ODR), especially techno legal ODR projects and services.

TLCEODRI is recognised as both a startup and incubator by MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) and it is currently incubating two online dispute resolution (ODR) related projects and startups named Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) and ODR India.

As startups, TLCEODRI and TeleLaw are working to provide unique techno legal services in traditional and contemporary fields using its LegalTech methods and tools. A special focus is upon providing online dispute resolution (ODR) services for these fields through TLCEODRI. All that is needed is an ODR Clause of TLCEODRI in all your agreements. The moment a dispute between two stakeholders occurs, any party to the dispute can refer the same for resolution through our dedicated ODR portal. Even if there is no preexisting ODR Clause of TLCEODRI, still parties to the dispute can refer the same to TLCEODRI with mutual consent. Also if there is just one party that has approached TLCEODRI without any preexisting ODR Clause or without a mutual request, we at TLCEODRI would approach the other party for an amicable and timely dispute resolution.

So there is no situation under which services of TLCEODRI cannot be pressed into and its services are available online in all cases and under all circumstances. Since our techno legal services are online in nature, even if parties are residing in two different countries we can resolve their disputes in a timely and effective manner. With an ODR Clause or mutual consent already in place to initiate the dispute resolution process, decisions of TLCEODRI would be binding upon the parties and this would bring finality to the dispute in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

Investors looking to invest in our Legal Tech startups on a non stake basis can contact us with a complete and final proposal in this regard.