ODR Forum

Online dispute resolution (ODR) forum (ODR Forum) is an online techno legal venue of TLCEODRI for its investors, collaborators, panelists, clients, registered ODR students and professionals for its e-learning and skill development courses and programs, etc. It would be used to discuss various issues pertaining to use, improvement, development and implementation of ODR in India and at global level. It is an “Invitation Only” forum so that quality and its sanctity can be maintained to the best possible extent and in the most appropriate manner.

It would be a rich online environment that would connect global ODR stakeholders on a 24x7x365 basis. Knowledge, views and opinions would be shared among the community and forum members so that ODR can be effectively used globally. Online conference, webinars, videos, video calls, etc would be used to share information and knowledge among its members.

Many more features would be added that would be disclosed to selective members and stakeholders of this forum only as per the profile and involvement of such members.