Our startups like TeleLaw and TLCEODRI are primarily LegalTech, RegTech and LawTech startups. But they are much more than those startups covered by these categories. As they are techno legal in nature, they overlap with other fields too. But for the sake of clarity and better understanding we are discussing them as LegalTech startups and are also seeking investments accordingly.

TeleLaw is a techno legal startup that is providing online techno legal services in fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, e-discovery, artificial intelligence, space law, big data, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, quantum computing, e-commerce, crypto currency, blockchain, etc. This list is just illustrative as we cover both traditional and contemporary fields. TeleLaw startup is your best destination for global techno legal online services.

Similarly, TLCEODRI covers online dispute resolution (ODR) aspects of all these techno legal fields. For instance, e-commerce companies can use the ODR Clause of our portal and all their future disputes would be resolved using ODR and without any litigation. The benefits of ODR are endless and in future most disputes involving technology and traditional businesses would be resolved using ODR. And you have a golden chance to be part of such wonderful startups that are destined to be “Global Techno Legal Giants”.

No other startup of the world is providing either online techno legal services or techno legal ODR services. So the market share for our startups would be gigantic and very lucrative and so it would be for our investors.