Incubators and accelerators play an important role in the development and success of startups. We at Perry4Law have almost two decades of techno legal expertise and experience. It is natural that we should share this knowledge, expertise and experience with those in need of the same. With this objective in mind we are helping both national and international stakeholders to meet their global techno legal regulatory requirements.

We at Perry4Law have projects, portals, startups, incubators, etc under the common umbrella of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). The idea is to develop a holistic, comprehensive and sustainable techno legal startup culture and environment in India. TLCEODRI is recognised as both a startup and incubator by MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) and it is currently incubating two online dispute resolution (ODR) related projects and startups named Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) and ODR India.

We are also open to help other Legal Tech, Reg Tech and Tech Law related startups, whether Indian or foreign. A dedicated Blog has been launched in this regard that would outline all the modalities and requirements to apply for incubation under TLCEODRI soon.

The TeleLaw Startup is helping TLCEODRI Incubator to help those startups who are working in the field of Legal Tech, Reg Tech and Tech Law fields. More details would be shared soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact us at Twitter or Contact Us at TLCEODRI for help. We provide techno legal assistance in an online environment by using various online tools.