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We are easily and continuously approachable using multiple online means and tools. You can contact us by using various Twitter accounts of our organisation, using WhatsApp, e-mails, online chats, phone calls, data calls and video calls, etc.

The best way to avail our services is to establish a professional relationship first so that we can extend our best services to you. For that you need to establish a client attorney relationship by depositing the requisite fees with our bank account.

We respect privacy of our users, clients and all stakeholders very much. Similarly, we are also very keen to protect our own privacy and to engage with serious stakeholders alone. That is why our official e-mail ids and phone numbers would be available only to those who have already established a client attorney relationship.

Till then, you can contact us through Twitter accounts or by sending us an e-mail at perry4law (at) rediffmail (dot) com (preferable method). This mail would be used for initial contact only and once a professional relationship is established, we would use a dedicated and official e-mail for that particular assignment.

Contact us today for your national and global techno legal regulatory, legal and statutory compliance requirements.