Access To Justice (A2J)

Access to Justice (A2J) is a core Human Right and it should be available to all stakeholders across the globe. Traditional means and tool have proved to be insufficient to achieve the laudable goal of A2J. Also these traditional modes that are largely limited to Courts and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like Arbitration are highly centralised and stakeholders have limited access and selective remedies available to them through these modes. These modes are also time consuming and very expansive and are beyond the reach of a majority of stakeholders across the globe.

At Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) we believe that technology can play an important role in not only decentralisation of A2J but also to bring justice right at the doors of various stakeholders. However, technology would bring its own challenges and problems and it cannot be used and deployed over night. Also change in policies and laws of nations is a very slow and painful process. It takes decades to appreciated and adopt use of technology for A2J purposes.

We have been working on techno legal aspects for almost two decades and in our opinion the pace of technology adoption is very slow not only in India but globally. Governments across the globe are not only hesitant but also very cautious while adopting technology. For instance, we have been advocating use of ODR and e-courts since 2004 but Indian govt has implemented e-courts project only to a limited extent and there is no ODR culture in India even in the year 2021.

But this does not prevent us from launching our own ODR and e-courts projects since 2004. We also launched dedicated blogs to spread awareness about ODR and e-courts in India since 2004. Our best efforts to ensure A2J fructified when we launched TeleLaw startup with the following motto:

The chief components of Justice are Access to Justice (A2J), Affordability and a Timely Decision: Praveen Dalal.

TeleLaw startup has changed the way modern and contemporary techno legal online services are provided. We are providing online techno legal services to global stakeholders in a manner that A2J is ensured. We are providing highly specialised online services in various techno legal fields at very competitive costs. These services are difficult to find and are very expansive in the offline world and our LegalTech startup TeleLaw are providing the same at affordable rates that too in an online environment.

Think about the cost saving and ease of dispute resolution by using our ODR portals where parties to the dispute are residing at different locations or even in different countries. The parties need not to go even outside their homes and they can use our services and resolve their disputes right from their homes. What makes us unique is the fact that our ODR services can be used for not only simple day to day disputes but also for contemporary technology related disputes in fields like AI, cyber law, cyber security, space law, etc. No other ODR provider of the world is providing techno legal ODR services except TeleLaw and TLCEODRI.

We are using various tools and software to make users experience very user friendly and convenient. We are using e-mails, online chat systems, WhatsApp, Twitter handles, etc so that stakeholders can contact us from any part of the world without any hassle. We are using tutorials and FAQs to educate stakeholders about various ODR processes thereby ensuring best use of our ODR portals. We are available 24x7x365 as a customer support for various national and international stakeholders. We are adding more tools and features on regular basis to make this experience even better.

We were not satisfied with these developments and model so we decided to cover extra miles. For selective stakeholders, we have launched the ODR Forum and Social Media segments. These segments would help in the research and development for ODR, e-courts, LegalTech and other similar fields at national and international levels.

We hope our initiatives and efforts would bring a new era of A2J were global stakeholders would be provided with affordable and uninterrupted techno legal online services.