About Us

Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Online Dispute Resolution In India (TLCEODRI) is the exclusive techno legal project, startup and tech and ODR incubator of the world. It was established in the year 2012 and since then TLCEODRI has been widely recognised as the leading techno legal project and authority of the world in the field of online dispute resolution (ODR). It is a registered Trademark of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). See the LinkedIn Company page Of TLCEODRI for more details.

TLCEODRI has been managing many techno legal ODR projects under different names and styles. For instance. Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) is one project that is working to reduce litigation in India by using ODR and similar methods. You can follow updates and announcements from it at its blog and Twitter account.

Similarly, ODR India is another project that has been working in the field of ODR for many years. It has been managing a pro bono ODR project that has been helping national and international stakeholders to resolve their disputes online, especially those against govt departments and services. Follow its updates and announcements at its Twitter handle.

TLCEODRI is supported by a DPIIT recognised LegalTech and TechLaw startup named TeleLaw (TeleLaw Private Ltd). See the website of TeleLaw and its blog for more details. TLCEODRI itself has been recognised as a LegalTech and TechLaw startup and incubator by Meity Startup Hub (MSH). Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) and ODR India have also been recognised as LegalTech and TechLaw startups by Meity Startup Hub (MSH). Both RWL India and ODR India have been incubated under the Techno Legal guidance and expertise of TLCEODRI Incubator.